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DNA is the source code of life, it stores the instructions for protein synthesis. Proteins itself are the workhorses of our cells and carry out all crucial functions necessary for human life. To create proteins, our DNA is transcribed in messenger RNA (mRNA) which acts as an intermediary between the DNA located in the nucleus and the protein synthesis process located in the cell cytoplasm.



Protein (antigen)



mRNA-based vaccines use an mRNA sequence which codes for a disease-specific protein (antigen). This sequence is translated and the corresponding antigen is displayed on the cell surface where it is recognized by the immune system, preparing it to fight the real thing.  

At Ziphius, we have built a self-amplifying RNA (sa-RNA) platform that develops mRNA-based vaccines and offers several advantages over traditional vaccines.

  1. High tolerability and safety profile

Our body becomes our own drug manufacturer, controlling the dose and the location of the vaccine proteins. This leads to low toxicity and less side effects.

   2. High efficacy

Multiple mRNA sequences can be combined leading to a broader immune response. By using sa-mRNA, a more robust immune response is established.

   3. High manufacturing efficiency

Our platform is flexible and rapidly scalable, allowing quick responses to large outbreaks or epidemics.


RNA is synthesized in vitro using a DNA template

A low amount of

sa-mRNA is delivered 

The mRNA sequence self-amplifies and is translated in the corresponding antigen, inducing a robust immune response 

immune response

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